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Business Coaching in London – Results


Parag brought calm and clarity to what was one of the most stressful periods of my life. He helped me to put in systems that allowed us to run a growing business.

2012 and the preceding 2 years have seen dramatic increases in revenue, net profit, customer numbers and number of employees. This has been facilitated by Parag Prasad who has been our coach since 2011.

Winner of the ActionCOACH 2013 Business Excellence Award – Best Turnaround Company in Europe.

Revenue in 2012: £2.8M – Increase of 23.8% in 12 months

Net Profit in 2012: £140K – Increase of 47.3% in 12 months

3 Year Revenue Increase of £1.3M (81%)

Gary Fage, Director, Janitorial Express

WautonSamuelogoCoaching transformed the way we manage our Business. Parag helped us focus on the important strategic issues and as a result the business developed to a point where it runs without my direct involvement.


So I now have a Business that is growing impressively without me. Our revenue is just over £1M, yet I only work there for approximately 5 hours per week!


You probably dont realise how much of a testament it is to yourself that I feel able to trust you completely to guide my businesses and to work with my employees. I have never allowed anyone to exert such an influence since I started trading. I very much appreciate the efforts you make on my behalf.


2012 South London Best Business for Customer Service.

2012 ActionCOACH UK Best Business for Customer Service

2011 South London Business Finalists for Best Business Innovation and Entrepreneur of the Year (David Waugh)

Revenue increased £81K in 12 months to March 2012.


David Waugh, Managing Director, Wauton Samuel

LDR London logo Does anyone need a red hot business coach?

Since starting coaching 15 months ago, I now have more time to sleep, travel and the business has got bigger. I’m more in control and far more confident about achieving our ambitious business plan than at any time in the last 8 years! Parag has practically become my business partner…..someone I wish I could have had before.

These amazing results have been achieved through diligent implementation of essential new cash, time & operational systems, that have created a more scalable business & freed up 5-10 hours each week to focus on growing my business, plus having more time for me.

Parag also coached me to navigate through a financially challenging time. Without him, its unlikely I could have survived or kept my sanity. Instead, Im just back from a 3 week trip to Rio and finally a place in Ibiza and beach hotels in South America are now on the cards…

You should try and wangle a free introductory coaching session with Parag – it was a tremendously valuable use of my time. You wont regret it.

Louis de Rohan, MD, LDR London

fish need water logo

2012 turnover increased by 68%
2013 turnover increased by 92%
Average fees increased by 240% (in part of the business)

“Coaching ensures you are continually looking at the key areas that need improving to run a successful business. It can be hard to take on these tasks when you are sucked into day to day operations. However, it’s key to work on the business and continue to delegate to the team if you want to grow. ActionCOACH has helped us in all these areas in 2012 and 2013.

Thanks for your input, your support and the positivity you are showing in us, its much appreciated”

Anthony Sargent & James Hall, Directors, Fishneedwater

vppr logo

I recommend this coaching programme to every architect I meet.

The programme has helped us gain a much better understanding of how we can grow both financially and creatively. It has not only helped us develop a clear understanding of our goals, but also makes us focus us on how to achieve those goals.

It’s enjoyable to work through the content of each workshop with other architects, as it is beneficial to have discussions specifically based on the pre-conceptions of the profession – far too many of which are accepted without being questioned. The programme opens up an interesting dialogue on the potential future of the architectural industry.

Catherine Pease, Director, vPPR Architects

It’s been great. Our Profit is higher despite tough market conditions… we are in a strong place. My hours and stress levels have reduced and more time is devoted to the key tasks that really matter.

I’ve learnt so much. I feel much more entrepreneurial and focused on developing my team, so they continue to perform to an even higher

Deliciously Sorted Logo

standard. They are incredibly excited about our transformation through coaching and our future direction. We have much clearer targets and KPI’s that we now track regularly.

Im looking forward to next year, further profit growth and building my investment skills too, all using Parag’s help.


Key Results in 2013

1. Gross Profit increased by £94K (19% annual increase)
2. Sales Conversion rate increased by 57% (for Event sales)
3. Average sale per customer increased by 21%

Serena Cook, Founder, Deliciously Sorted Ibiza



orhantailoringlondonlogoOur revenue increased by an amazing 56% in 2011 compared to the previous year.

We are completely delighted at this improvement! It would not have been possible without Parag.  We’re out of our overdraft for the first time in 3.5 yrs.

I’ve benefited from putting more structure/planning into my day. I feel more in control of the Business. I really like the ethos of ActionCOACH, creating great quality of life, establishing a profitable business, which is possible by planning and acting smart whilst being generous to staff and clients.

Denise, Director, Orhan London Tailoring

furnitubeslogo Parag was recommended by another local company. They had proven benefits due to Parag’s input. I have found Parag a breath of fresh air. Any issue I have within the organisation -Parag has helped me find a path forward.


He never leaves without ensuring you have a list of tasks that you will complete between visits. He helped me to increase the proportion of my time spent working “on” the business not in it. Great advice.


Revenues increased by £544k (21%) in 12 months to June 2011

Average sale value per order increased by 57% in first 15 months of coaching

Anna Curran, Furnitubes International

feetonthegroundlogo Parag’s Group Coaching Programme was a perfect fit. Already his help, support and advice have proven superb value. He identifies with the needs, concerns and hurdles we face and most importantly he has solutions and tactics we can adopt to help us grow into the organisation we want to be.

“I already know that employing Parag’s services has been one of the best business decisions I have made to date”

Nick Looby, Feet On The Ground Training

insideoutcontractslogo I’m pleased to confirm that all my goals have been achieved and we’re back on track with sales on the increase.

We’ve implemented many changes in our sales strategy, avoiding price-matching or discounting. We focussed on a list of Unique Selling Points and shouting about them. This had an immediate impact, now being one of our most powerful selling tools!

One goal to have a regular time when I plan the following week has proved to be one of the most effective ways of managing my time, giving me a sense of control and achievement

 Parag also helped me realise that you are only as good as your team and investing time in your staff has to be one of the most important ways of achieving any goals.

Lisa Cluer, Owner, Inside Out

artdivisionlogo Using Parag’s services has been one of the best investments of time and money I have made for the past 8 years and I now feel a lot more in control and a much better leader and manager than ever before.

Nelly Berova, Director, Art Division

Having Parag host a Team Alignment day for my company is in the top 3 best business decisions I have ever made.  The day was brilliant.  We have several staff who have been

Tuts of Dorking Logo

with us for 6-8 years… we’ve never had a team meeting until Parag’s Alignment day.  I was really worried about how the staff would react…we’re a garage so you can imagine the scale of whingeing from 6 mechanics before the meeting… but they all really enjoyed the day, even though it was on a Saturday, their day off! 


The Alignment day highlighted one member of staff who didn’t involve themselves and shortly after had their employment terminated AND highlighted another on my black list who is now doing incredibly well.  My advice to anyone with the opportunity of Parag’s Alignment day – go for it.


Kevin Steere, Senior technician says “the day definitely helped team morale and the highlight was that we came up with some great ideas as a group during the day.  Everyone felt it was a very positive experience”.


Amy Somerville, General Manager, Tutts

urbanvitalitylogo Parag will show you immediate savings and ways to generate extra cash from the FIRST session, so you will repay the investment very quickly. A results orientated coach.

 John Limpus, Owner, Urban Vitality Company

se3logo After employing ActionCOACH and Parag, we now have the tools, knowledge and help to dictate the direction of the business and take back control. Parag is an excellent listener, taking time to understand our needs and challenges, then offering brilliant, practical advice to improve our business health.

I have no hesitation in recommending Parag to other businesses.

David Lee, Director, SE3 Productions 


Working with Parag has put a rocket up my business! We’ve changed dramatically in culture, processes and are well on the way to some phenomenal results. At a recent Coaching Awards ceremony, attended by dozens of coaches, Parag’s clients dominated most sector’s nominations and awards. I’m definitely with the right coach! Strongly recommend. 

Nick Breeze, Owner, Bretsa Recruitment

prolanglogo Parag truly helped me realise where my business potential lied. His very clear and structured approach made me focus on the effective ways to grow the company, whilst his patience and generosity kept me going on the difficult path of self belief.

Christine Joncour-Davies, Owner, ProLang Ltd

biodermlogo Turnover has grown +100% since I met you 6 months ago.

Thank you Parag. I couldn’t do this without you. When I need ideas, guidance or inspiration, you are the person I turn to. If it wasn’t for you pushing me forward, my attention would be scattered instead of focused on getting this business off the ground.

 Anelyne Adams, Director, BioDerm Ltd

You’ve genuinely changed how we run our Business. Implementing strategies from the 6 Steps System had immediate and positive financial impact. 

We’ve improved:
 – Our approach to advertising and stopped wasting money as a result. 
 – The running of our team 
 – Our understanding of profitability and fundamental financial information.


Jesye Edwards, Director, Lets 4U Property Services

I was stressed,under pressure with no time to organise staffing issues, neglected my existing customers and didn’t have time to go looking for new ones. I was behind on my invoicing and didn’t chase debts.

I would urge anyone in business to invest their time and money in ActionCOACH.

Graham Milton, Managing Director, SBS Printing

I value having someone like yourself pushing me and getting me to focus, because I was very tired of doing it all by myself for 8 years solid. Your input is invaluable Parag, so thanks very much again for your backing.

James Barry, Owner, Belixier Entertainment LLC

90 Day Business Planning & Other Workshops  

“One of the best experiences Ive ever had since I started the Business”

Chaifka koudimi, Flexilearning Centre

“I really enjoyed the GrowthCLUB last week – thanks a lot! It was great that you have changed the format for people who have been before, it was very beneficial to brainstorm solutions to what seemed to be the same problem even though we ran different businesses. Looking forward to the next one in Jan 2011.”

Nelly Berova, Art Division

“Parag spent an hour with me on the phone to determine whether it would be mutually beneficial to attend and the next day I was sat in a very nice meeting room with a dozen other professionals overlooking Piccadilly Circus.

His presentation was simply outstanding!

No sales pitch – just great advice. I learnt a lot from it. Some very good, unique advice was given in relation to improving one’s own performance and that of enterprises too. A lot of ground covered was covered in 2 hours. So, yes there are occasions that it’s possible to come across outstanding advice that makes you want to know more.”

John Coupland, BNI Regional Director

“Excellent. Fantastic value.” Leighton Wilcox, Cashflow Protector

“Ive learned even more than I expected, including the Loyalty Ladder and Default Diary.”

Dan Hulbert, Cut Price Office Supplies

“The whole ActionCOACH thing has opened my eyes and reawakened my excitement for business”

James Wilson, Headstart IT Solutions

“Now I know which areas I should concentrate my time and energy on. I am not alone, have confidence and a Plan”

Galina Collins, CM Explore Ltd

“Fantastic value. Really made me focus on how our Business is or isn’t performing, set goals, think about Exit Strategy, be more aware of financials and identifty own performance converting to sales etc. The Session opened my eyes to the work and tasks ahead. It will be hard, but I have been given the tools today to tackle the tasks ahead by defining a clear plan. I can see us growing again because we have a Vision again. My evaluation is 10 out of 10”

Etienne Baird, Owner, Chiswick Woodworking

“Workshop gave me value by breaking down to manageable bites the overwhelming tasks. My thinking has become clearer and increased my confidence to grow my Business.”

Sue Chadwick, Owner, Sue Chadwick Jewellery

“Valuable Workshop – a lot to think about. Helped me to prioritise, focus, ‘get on with it’ and attack burning issues in the next Quarter and on.”

Jeremy Kay, NowEmail

“Highlighted key areas of work that we will need to develop – financial management and more effective systems.”

Dannette Thompson, Director, Dandrea Accessories

“The Workshop gave me focus – a 90 Day Action Plan, Goals and Vision. I can see the future and it’s totally achievable. I can almost touch it.”

Hela Wozniak-Kay, Sister Snog

“The session allowed me time to spend a day focusing on the priorities of my life and business, being able to think intently about my goals and aspirations. Also, to meet new people, learn about their experiences and develop personally.”

Chandra Sharma,

“The most important thing I learned is that at first I started a business to work in, but now I realise that it should be the business that works for me.”

Phillip Fiadzomor, Phillips, Kobbs & Co Accountants


Parag can help you reach your professional and personal goals…

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